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NSSG Delivery Plan Digest - May 2018

The purpose of the NSSG Delivery Plan Digest is to highlight the NSSG Delivery Programme’s achievements, milestones, outcomes and partnership working over the last quarter. Active programme management drives progress towards and oversees the delivery of skills programmes, activities and initiatives for the UK nuclear industry, to address the key risks set out in the Nuclear Skills Strategy set by the NSSG.

Inaugural UK France Nuclear Skills Seminar will deliver Bilateral Skills Action Plan

On 3-4 May 2018 over 40 senior participants from the UK and France, representing a range of organisations involved with nuclear skills development, gathered at the British Ambassador's Residence in Paris for a joint Skills Seminar to explore how best the UK and France can work together to address the skills required by their respective nuclear sectors. 

NSSG addresses the STEM skills transfer challenge

There are real benefits of mobilising skills between differing sectors. It helps smooth out some of the peaks and troughs in demand requirements from specific sectors. It helps introduce diverse thinking –  leading to innovation and productivity increases, and finally it can really help a particular issue of supply of skills into our sector, at the more experienced end.

Nuclear Gateway Portal will align with 2018/19 recruitment cycle

The recently launched Nuclear Gateway talent portal is up and running with early interest from students in registering.  Read More >>

Sector Deal People Strand sets out vital skills themes

Involving considerable effort on behalf of industry and government in the first quarter of this year, the Nuclear Sector Deal proposals presented at the end of last year, have now been refined and are focused on some key areas of delivery.   Read More >>

Place Workshop seeks to establish model for Regional Delivery 

The importance of the ‘Place’ element of the Nuclear Sector Deal is recognised – the regions are going to be key in delivering the nuclear skills agenda. Skills intervention ultimately gets delivered in a region, and their input to and role in the delivery plan is key. To facilitate this, the NSSG is holding a workshop in mid-June with the four key nuclear regions, South West, North West, East and Wales, to identify how we can start to build up a clearer regional input. Read More >> 

South West Civil Defence Meeting kickstarts skills collaboration

In May, EDF hosted a South West region nuclear skills collaboration workshop at the EDF Energy Training Centre.  Read More >>

NSSG Chair sets out the Nuclear Skills Challenge at TotalDECOM 2018

Dr Fiona Rayment OBE and Chair of the NSSG, presented to delegates at this year’s TotalDECOM, which took place at the end of April.  Read More >>

Subject Matter Expert Collaboration clarifies demand  

The re-formed High Level Skills and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Task and Finish Working Group held its third meeting in April. The Group is driving forward progress to ensure the Sector maintains its  SME skills base – ensuring it continues to nurture individuals with a deep understanding of particular processes, technologies, materials and so on.   Read More >>

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Strategy gets underway

An Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (ED&I) Workshop was the next step in developing an NSSG Strategy for ED&I that makes a positive impact in the nuclear sector. 

The workshop, held on 22 may, was interactive, receiving inputs on strategies and initiatives already being taken forward by employers, reviewing barriers to a diverse and inclusive organisation and identifying potential solutions.


Next Generation Nuclear seeking employer involvement  

Next Generation Nuclear is a STEM outreach project being taken forward by NSSG in collaboration with EngineeringUK.  Read More >>

Supply side modelling supports recruitment challenge 

Supply side modelling continues to demonstrate the challenges of combining a flexible response to rapid increases in workforce demand, on the one hand, with supply from a long term training programme that is viable for providers, on the other. Read More >>

Fragile Skills Report will augment 2017 findings

Given that the civil new build programme timeline remains unchanged, pending new intelligence and the major reassessment of the demand picture (Nuclear Workforce Assessment)  is not due to start until summer 2018 (with report in 2019).  Read More >>

Sharing data to support New Build workforce coordination

Documentation has now been developed around Non-Disclosure Agreements, data governance and the format for data requests for the Workforce Mobilisation exercise, led by the NSSG.  Read More >>

Business Secretary Greg Clark marks 250 apprentice milestone at EDF’s Hinkley Point C site

The milestone of achieving 250 apprentices working on the new nuclear site Hinkley Point C in Somerset has beee recognised by the Business Secretary Greg Clark during his first visit to the site since construction work began.  Read More >>

Government publishes report on its T Level consultation

In February NSSG submitted a comprehensive response to the Department of Education’s (DfE) T level consultation, in order to shape the future of the newly developing technical education system.  Read More >>

NSSG response to Post-18 Education consultation

The industry members of the NSSG submitted a response in May to the official consultation on post-18 education requested by the independent panel advising the Department for Education (DfE). Read More >>

Update on apprenticeship funding

The Department for Education (DfE) has published a document which sets out the policy for apprenticeship funding in England from August 2018. This document updates the policy that has been in place since May 2017.  Read More >>

Education Committee Inquiry holds further session on quality

In May, the Education Committee held the sixth session in its inquiry examining the quality of apprenticeships and skills training. Read More >> 

7 pointers to help employers prepare for transfers on the apprenticeship service

From this month employers who pay the apprenticeship levy will be able to transfer apprenticeship service funds to other organisations to pay for their apprenticeship training and assessment.  Read More >>

Reform Think Tank levy report raises the levy debate

The Reform think tank published its assessment of the apprenticeship levy and associated training, one year on from its introduction – albeit with a somewhat controversial title. It concluded that greater clarification of what constituted an apprenticeship, as well as a simpler system of funding and dropping the 3m target, were all needed if the original aspirations of quality provision were to be met. Read More >>

Apprenticeship starts down, but data shows shift to higher level

Less people maybe on apprenticeships, but those who are on them are getting more training. Apprenticeship starts in the first two quarters of 2017/18 (recorded as August to January) have shown a fall and a significant shift to apprenticeships with higher expected training intensity relative to the previous year.  Read More >>

More promotion of T-levels needed

FE Week has published an article from qualifications body CACHE, which recently commissioned a poll of parents and of young people aged 11 to 16, to get a sense of how ready the country is for T-levels and where the pitfalls might lie in the implementation.  Read more >>

FT-Ocean Nuclear Global Nuclear Investment Summit
7th June  2018 

The FT-Ocean Nuclear Global Nuclear Investment Summit will bring together key industry players from the world of nuclear and finance to discuss the opportunities and challenges in unlocking private investment in new nuclear.  Full details

Nuclear Institute Annual North West Annual Dinner
14th June  2018 

NSSG Chair Fiona Rayment will present the keynote speech at this annual event, highlighting the work of the NSSG. This annual event is one of the largest in the nuclear calendar with a regular attendance of almost 600 industry leaders.  Full details

Decomm 2018
18-19th June  2018 

This conference aims to attract delegates from across the decommissioning sector and will look at reducing the nuclear liabilities, operational to decommissioning and waste in the UK and globally.  Full details

World Nuclear Exhibition 2018
26-28th  June  2018 

An event for every company in the nuclear sector, WNE covers all aspects of the nuclear industry from new build and construction, through operations and maintenance to decommissioningFull details

Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum
16th October  2018 

With the UK currently generating around 21% of its electricity from nuclear power, but with almost half of this capacity to be retired by 2025, this seminar will be a timely opportunity to discuss the outlook for new nuclear projects in the UK. Full details

Nuclear 2018
6th December 2018

Nuclear 2018, the NIA annual nuclear conference, will take place on Thursday 6 December 2018 in Central London. More information to come.

NI/NIA Annual Dinner 2018
6th December 2018

The Annual Dinner is the premier event for the nuclear industry in the UK, bringing together key players from across the industry, political scene and academia. More information to come.